Script & Seal



The stuff we're good at.






Our love for illustration goes without saying—we feel there's no better way to help bring stories to life. For anything from editorial spots to huge campaigns, we try to incorporate a bit of it in every project.


Clients: Google, IBM, Herman Miller, Coca-Cola, Kiehls, New Yorker, Red Bull, Microsoft, GE.



Creative + Art Direction


We both consult on ideas and execute projects that need that need a vibrant, graphic style.


Clients: GOOD Corps, Google, Nike, Digitas, Ogilvy.




Data Visualization


Turning data into beautiful, engaging images is our specialty. We sift through data, help solidify key stories, and bring it all to life. We're capable of creating infographic branding kits, standalone infographics, or a cohesive series.

Clients: Lexus, Herman Miller, Microsoft, PWC, BlackRock, GE, Bloomberg Media, Trulia, PIMCO, Marriot, RGA, Marriott, Verizon, Global Ocean Commission.



Animation + Motion


We love to see our work move. The way we illustrate goes hand-in-hand with animation. We design & concept storyboards and styleframes, then direct a team of animators to help bring it all to life.

Clients: Google, Bloomberg Media, Trulia, R/GA, JWT, Loreal.







We transform medical jargon & scary subjects into friendly & easy to digest visualizations for patients and doctors alike.

Clients: Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Janssen, National Geographic, Nature, Novartis.



Web + Product


Iconography, branding, design, we help companies build and evolve their visual identity & output.

Clients:  Google, Facebook, Tumblr, Inkling, AirBNB, The Silent History, NameCheap, Swrve, Karma.




Social Media


Reducing large data sets or long-winded articles into highly digestible snippets of viral goodness.


Clients include Ogilvy, Trulia, Kiehls, Google, FACE Group, GOOD Corps, Nike.





Campaigns that need a bright & bold approach, while staying within existing brand parameters.


Clients include Ogilvy, Trulia, Kiehls, Google, Nike, GOOD Corps, Herman Miller, Coca Cola.




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